Let’s Get Stamping!

If you are new to rubber stamping, and have been surfing the internet looking for ideas, your head may be swimming with so much information you’re just not sure where to start. Well my friends that’s where I come in!

When I first started I had no clue where to start and back then there was no You Tube or Pinterest to learn from. I wish I had a list of basic items since I wasn’t sure what supplies I needed to start my stamping journey.  I did have a few stamps and an ink pad or two but I didn’t know what types of ink to use to achieve different results, what type cardstock would be best for my project or even how to properly ink a stamp or cut cardstock.

This section of my website is devoted learning the art of rubber stamping.  It is the perfect jumping off point for any new stamper, but even if you are a seasoned stamper you might see a technique you haven’t used in years giving your creative self a little boost!  Please check back often as I am adding to this area bit by bit.  And coming soon I will have videos explaining basic and advanced techniques.

As always if you have any questions I am always available by email to help you out!

Now let’s get stamping!!