Top Demonstrator FAQs

I am asked a lot of questions about being a demonstrator so I have compiled a list of the top questions I get.  If you have a specific question and it’s not answered here, please contact me at any time, I am happy to help!

Q. What is the minimum amount I need to sell to stay active?  I only want to do this for the discount to feed my stamping addiction.

A. You need to submit $300 USD in sales per quarter to remain active.  That can be from orders placed by customers or product you yourself purchase.  You DO NOT have to sell to people to remain active and receive your discount, you can be your own customer! This is how many demonstrators are, they just want to get the great discount Stampin’ Up! offers and build up their collection.

Q. Do I have to hold workshops and classes?  I really don’t want try and find people to sell to.

A. No not at all.  This is your business to run as you wish.  As long as you submit your quarterly minimum of $300, your demonstratorship will remain active.  If you have a group of friends who stamp, have a monthly get together and they can place orders. You can sell only online and never set foot in a class or someone’s home. Or as many hobby demonstrators, do just purchase for your own personal use and get the discount.  How to do this is up to you.

Q. I don’t have a lot of time to do this, how much time does it require?

A. This is again all up to you.  When you sign up I will ask you what your goals are. Whether you just want the discount, earn a little extra spending money or make this a full time job.  If you just want the discount, hardly anytime at all, only the time it takes you to place an order.  If you want to do this part-time and earn a little money then several hours a week.  Remember it is up to you and it can be worked around your family’s schedule.  You can put in as much or as little time as you want to.  This is YOUR business.

Q. I am not creative and could never come up with ideas like you.  How do you come up with your ideas?

A. Stampin’ Up! has project ideas online for demonstrators including class ideas.  They also send a weekly email newsletter full of ideas. And like everyone else I scope out Pinterest and other places where I can see ideas then take bits and pieces to make them my own.  I also love to just sit and play you never know what you can come up with!

Q. Do I need to have a website/blog, do videos, have a PayPal account for class fees etc.?

A. No you don’t.  I do this to reach out and share stamping with everyone, plus I really enjoy creating and working on my blog and videos.  PayPal is just a convenience I offer my customers.  This is my personal choice, not a requirement of Stampin’ Up!. Again this is where the run your business your way comes in.  However, if you do want a simple website Stampin’ up! does offer a Demonstrator Business Website that you can customize and use for a nominal monthly fee.  They provide the layout and designs including content which updates each month.

Q. Someone told me all direct selling companies are pyramid schemes is this true?

A. This is by far the BIGGEST misconception of a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business. Stampin’ Up! is NOT a pyramid scheme.  By definition a MLM company offers a marketing strategy designed to promote their product through distributors (aka demonstrators) by offering multiple levels of compensation.  A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent scheme, disguised as an MLM company.  The difference between a pyramid scheme (which is illegal) and a MLM based program is that there is no real product that is sold in a pyramid scheme, and commissions are based only on the number of new individuals one introduces into the scheme.  Also in a pyramid scheme there is a fee, usually substantial, to join and nothing is received for this.  Yes you do pay a nominal fee to join Stampin’ Up!,  but you are receiving more than $99 worth of product in return.  In a pyramid scheme if you do not continue you are out the money invested whereas with Stampin’ Up! if you decide not to continue on as a demonstrator all product received is yours to keep.  In addition Stampin’ Up! is a member in good standing with the Direct Selling Association (DSA).   In order to obtain this distinction they need to adhere to a strict code of ethics.

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