Getting Exact Placement of a Stamped Image when using a Builder Punch

The Stamparatus has so many uses.  One of my favorites is getting the exact placement of stamped images when using a builder punch.


For this project I wanted to use the snowman, two arms and the hat.  To save cardstock the easiest way is is to use the stamparatus and a template.  Here are the step by step directions.

Step 1: Using a piece of cardstock for the template, insert and punch out all the pieces.


Step 2: On the grid paper, draw a line around the template


Step 3: Place magnets on template to secure


Step 4: Place stamps inside the template, make sure the smooth side is up and the image side is down


Step 5: Close the Stamparatus cover


Step 6: Images will now be on the acrylic plate according to the template


Step 7: Place cardstock to be stamped inside the drawn area so the stamps line up where the template was, secure with magnets


Step 8: Ink stamps


Step 9: Close, then press to stamp the images.


Step 10: Remove, color as desired


Step 11: Place in punch and viola, the images line up perfectly!!


Step 12: Punch out and assemble card

IMG_0511 copy