Bingo Rules for September 18, 2021

  1. Each participant will get one (1) bingo card. 
  2. An additional bingo card will be awarded if you bring a stamped card for an active deployed service member. I will be sending those on to the organization Hugs for Soldiers.  You can read about the organization and tips on what to say in your card here:
  3. Bingo chips will be provided, but if you have favorites or lucky chips you can bring your own.  We ask that you do not use ink daubers as you will be using the same cards for multiple games.
  4. The first person to get bingo wins that prize.  All winning hands will be verified before the game officially ends. 
  5. In the event of a tie, we will continue calling numbers.  The first person to have that number will win.  The other player will get to chose something from the prize basket.
  6. You may only win one bingo game. If a person who already won a previous bingo game wins again, we will continue to play until there is another winner.  The exception to this rule is the final bingo game for the grand prize where all are eligible to win.
  7. Prizes cannot be exchanged for other items.  However, if you would like to exchange with another player you may do so after the event is over.
  8. You must be present for all games.
  9. For the FINAL Bingo game and the grand prize, you have the option of purchasing additional bingo cards for $5.00 each.  All money collected for the additional cards will become part of the grand prize.  This money will be given in the form of a gift certificate redeemable for Stampin’ Up! merchandise of your choice and must be redeemed through your demonstrator the day of the event.
  10. All $5.00 coupons toward Stampin’ Up! merchandise given in your goody bags, are redeemable at today’s event only through your demonstrator.  They cannot be redeemed at a later time.

Thank you for playing bingo and good luck!